just as you can hear your story in a song, I want you to see your story in your photographs.


I'm a portrait photographer, and I have learned that, when it comes to photography, portraits are where my heart resides. I left my small town for Atlanta, GA  to attend The Art Institute of Atlanta. Since then, I have taken my Commercial Photography Degree and mixed it with my personality to create my dream job of working with people to create custom photo shoots.

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Endings + Beginnings



Music was my first love, and I have finally started putting all of my random writing to music--piano/guitar--that I'm slowly teaching myself how to play.  I got my start in photography by photographing musicians for their album/marketing artwork. I figured if I couldn't follow my dream of music, why not help those who were. I have a lot of memories that always make me happy and make me know I didn't completely waste my youth.


*I had a year of getting to sing "Zombie" by The Cranberries with a friend's band, Wilson Empire. Circa 2005-2006. That's how I met my husband. I love that story.

Music + Photography




I'm both a night owl & a morning person. The night is for being creative, the morning is for being still and breathing. Both are quiet, and I find it easier to hear my own thoughts.  I find it hard to ever feel like I fit anywhere, but I found I can breathe when in Montana in the middle of nowhere...and my soul is in love with the entire coast of Maine. I could just sit there with my coffee and live happily ever after. 
These days, I've come to terms with who I am, and I'm starting to figure out at least part of my purpose...details on that on the next page. 

Coffee + Montana + Maine




This was my very first digital camera-2005. I was reluctant to let go of film, but life has shown me time and time again that change can be the best thing to ever happen me. So, my journey has led me to using my camera to show women THEIR beauty. It has been the most meaningful work I've ever done. To learn more about these photo shoots, click here.

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