Hello! I'm Alisha.

This journey started a long time ago, but really got its chance the summer of 2006, when I took the leap to attend The Art Institute of Atlanta. 

Between 2006 & now, I have not only learned about taking photographs of people, but also how to live. Every day I realize how important photos are; they give you the power to hold onto memories your mind forgets over time.

I would love to document you and your family in whatever stage you are in right now.
 Tomorrow, your story will be different. 

~Photographs are here when everything else is long gone. Capture your now so you can keep a piece of it forever.

Just a small town girl.

I am a jack-of-all-trades type of person. I'm not sure if God sprinkled me with bits of abilities in several things, or if He just made me so persistent that I eventually figure out how to do them? Either way, I am so grateful because I have so many interests I could never be bored. I love tackling projects with my crazy vision, and then seeing the finished product come to life.

I love photography because it has allowed me to have a career doing something creative, while also letting me see a huge purpose in my work. 

The other parts just fill in where they can fit. Music has always been huge for me, and I will never forget my first concert. I also got to work for a radio station for a while, scouting new bands for the unsigned band shows-some great memories were made during that time. 

I sometimes wish I lived on a farm. The clean air, fresh food, and all the stars! Having a place to fish out your back door wouldn't be bad, either. For some reason, fishing is really relaxing to me. 

- I love music
- i miss shooting film
- reading + writing = great therapy
- i love cooking
- i'm obsessed with the Golden Girls
- i l.o.v.e. coffee

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This is the heart of my business. I love how every family is different, and each have their own special things to capture. This never gets old to me, and I am so honored to be able to give families these photos to hold onto when years have passed and everything has changed. 


These session spotlight the ever-changing interests kids have growing up. I love doing Back To School Sessions each year so you get to see how much your little ones change. Then, what better way to document their biggest change than a Senior Session. Tailoring these are so much fun, and make for amazing photos.


Sessions are up to 2 hours.
These are best for families with older children, also if you would like to include outfit changes, and are great for Senior Sessions.

Mini Sessions are offered all year long. These are up to 30 minutes, and are best for families with small children, and are great for Back to School Sessions.

Please contact us for  detailed pricing.

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